We don't just formulate products... We design wellness solutions.

Our globally-sourced ingredients, patented technologies and advanced delivery systems will add value and efficacy to your products.

: Whether you're launching a pilot product or looking for incredibly high volume production, we have the ability to scale with your company.  Our tablet manufacturing allows us to produce patented time release, custom color coatings and custom shapes.

We offer 2 piece encapsulation with the production capability of over 240 million solid doses per month. We are capable of producing delayed release, as well as gelatin and vegetarian capsules.

Probiotic Capsule Capabilities and Blistering:
We have a climate controlled production area where we produce formulations for optimal shelf life for over 50 million blister cards per year.

We produce meal replacements, green “super foods,” energy and performance.

Other: We can source and deisgn other specific oppotunities with our partnerships. (Softgels, Skin Care, Liquid Nutrition etc)