Management Team

Our management team is comprised of seasoned leaders who have extensive experience in the life science field. They have created a customer-centric culture amongst the entire Vitaquest.

Corporate Responsibility

At Vitaquest, we are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. By being conscious of waste with energy and materials, so we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment. We go to great lengths to consider the environment when it comes to our production facility, manufacturing process, and even product packaging. We believe that everything can make a difference. The majority of our corrugated packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and adhere to our formal recycle program.

Our employees receive extensive training and give them all the proper tools to be successful in their careers. We believe this contributes to our low attrition rate. Our low attrition rate keeps a reduced hiring and training cost, giving us the opportunity to spend our resources in a more productive manor.

Financial Sustainability

We pride ourselves on long term economic stability. We are continuously investing in the manufacturing process to stay on top of industry and ahead of the trends.  We perform annual independent financial audits and maintain a strong balance sheet from year to year.


We go right to the source to create the highest quality products, through raw material sourcing. We have client relationships in 40 countries across the globe. Our team continuously monitors the regulatory landscape to ensure access to the key markets.